DM plc Results and Summary from Adrian Williams (Chairman)

Results to 31/12/18
Adrian Williams reports "Our database division was fully compliant by 25 May 2018. GDPR initially caused many clients to reduce or postpone their marketing activities awaiting clarity. So after a slow start we have made several substantial client gains." Adrian was also pleased to report "Our investment activities in UK equities have again proved very successful."

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Results to 31/12/17
"Investment activities in UK equities has been very successful," Adrian Williams, Chairman DM plc, was delighted to report, which is the main reason the group's net cash position increased by 41% to a surplus of 4.715m

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Results to 31/12/16
Adrian John Williams reported that although it had been "a difficult trading year for the group, it had an increasingly positive net cash position." The net cash surplus increased to 3.353k.

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Results to 31/12/15
In his annual statement, Adrian Williams noted that:
"Turnover increased by 7% but profits reduced to 344k
Cash and financial investments have increased to 3.55m"

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Results to 31/12/14
In a strong year summarised by Adrian Williams, "Turnover has increased by 11%, profit improved to 837k
Cash and financial investments increased to 3.44m"

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Results to 31/12/13
Suming up as "A difficult trading year", Adrian Williams also reported that:
"Cash surplus has increased to 3.16m"

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Results to 31/12/12
With the facts that "Cash surplus has increased to 3m,
Turnover increased by 3% and
Operating profit excluding goodwill impairment has reduced to 656k"

Adrian Williams also commented that he was delighted to confirm that "All bank debt has been repaid on schedule."

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Results to 31/12/11
DM plc remains profitable
Cash surplus increased to 1.86m
DM plc is now a private company

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Results to 30/06/11
Robust balance sheet with net cash surplus
Difficult market conditions across all business activities
Court ruling in OFT case impacted Group financial performance

Results to 31/12/10
Fully integrated business with all acquisitions now restructured and operating profitably
Turnover up 7.7%
Profit after tax up 10.3%

Results to 30/06/10
Consolidation of market position
Turnover up 16%
Gross profit up 8%
Profit after tax up 26%

Results to 31/12/09
Record turnover, gross profit and profit after tax
Turnover up 40%
Gross profit up 61%
Profit after tax up 11%

Results to 30/06/09
Robust performance during a period of integration
Turnover up 55%
Gross profit up 66% after the effect of acquisitions

Results to 31/12/08
Transformational year with the acquisition of DLG
Like for like operating margin up to a record 31%
Like for like profit after tax up 4%

Results to 30/06/08
Record first half profits
Group profit before tax up 30%
EPS up 33%
Strategic Review progressing well

Results to 31/12/07
Record financial results for 4th consecutive year
Group Turnover up 19%
Group Profit up 35%
EPS up 29%

Results to 30/06/07
Record financial results for 6th consecutive period
Group Turnover up 37%
Group Profit up 49%
EPS up 28%

Results to 31/12/06
Record financial results for third year running
Group Turnover up 61%
Group Profit up 36%
EPS up 24%
Another excellent year with progress on all fronts

Interim Results to 30/6/06
Group Turnover up 87%
Group Profit up 35%
EPS up 22%
Successful acquisition of Dodd Marketing

Results to 31/12/05
Group Turnover up 149%
Group Profit up 81%
EPS up 100%
Proposed acquisition of Dodd Marketing

Interim Results to 30/6/05
Group Turnover up 96%
Group Profit up 82%
EPS up 97%
Successful Acquisition of Purely Creative

Results to 31/12/04
Profit up to £1.317 million (up 9%)
Acquisition of Strike Lucky Games

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